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roofing company in kirkwood moMany people make assumptions that a roof is just a roof. A good roof is key to insuring your property. Although there is a big difference between a commercial roof and a residential roof, damage of either type can be extremely expensive and destructive, especially in case of a disaster. Whether it's a commercial facility or a residential investment, the roof is the most vulnerable point and can significantly cut costs on energy and leaks. The roofing materials for commercial and residential roofs vary depending on the weather conditions experienced in a particular place, cost and the type available.

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The difference between residential roofing and commercial roofing

roofing contractorTypically, residential roofs tend to be steeper while commercial roofs are more flat. It takes a professional and qualified roofing company like the South Side Roofing to provide you with quality advice on materials that works best for each. The design too varies as commercial roofs tend to have low slop or completely flat and much larger than common residential roofs.

Flat roofs require more maintenance than steeper roofs, hence factors such as weight of equipment that is covered by the roof and the large area coverage need to be considered. Residential on the other hand needs less designing and maintenance. They are also easy to replace and repair. Some of the residential roofing systems include asphalt shingle concrete tiles which depend on climate. Asphalt is considered to be the most common roofing option when it comes to residential roofing.

However, for commercial buildings, commercial building owners have a wide range of options from:

• Modified bitumen

• Sprayed polyurethane foam

• Concrete

• Restoration coatings

• Built- up

• Single-ply (TPO, PVC, EPDM)

• Tar and gravel

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It is important to do research as a commercial building owner before making any purchase or replacement decision regarding your roof. Installation of commercial roofing is often complex and takes more time than residential roofing which is quick and hassle-free. For premium and comprehensive roofing services, contact the South side roofing company. Our well-trained roofers have all the skills to repair, re-roof as well as removal of snow.